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Vanilla Cake: Yum. This gluten free vanilla cake is moist and light. This vanilla cake should be a staple at any cake eating occasion.

Chocolate Cake: Satisfy your chocolate craving with a wonderful gluten free chocolate cake. This moist gluten free chocolate offers an indulgent chocolate experience.

Red Velvet Cake: A decadent rich, moist gluten free cake, full of exquisite flavour. This red velvet cake is totally divine.

Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake: This gorgeous gluten free cake is moist and even the mere site of it gets your mouth watering.

Marble Cake:  A delicious combination of vanilla and chocolate makes this gluten free marble cake special.  Sure to please everyone.

Carrot Cake: This delectable cake is a sweet, moist mildly spiced cake filled with yummy carrots.

Orange Cake: This scrumptious cake has a subtle taste of orange, with orange rind adding flavour.

Rainbow Cake: Enjoy this colourful yummy gluten free cake. Every slice surprises with the twisting bright colours inside. Colour at the top are: green, blue, purple and orange.  Colours at the bottom level: green, red, yellow, pink.


Red Velvet, Chocolate, Rainbow, Marble, Vanilla, Carrot Cake, Orange.



Vanilla: A moist vanilla / caramel flavoured cake.

Chocolate: A rich dark chocolate flavoured cake



Cheese Cake: A deliciously dense, creamy, moist New York Style gluten free cheesecake with the  perfect texture. THIS IS NOT LACTOSE FREE

Banana Bread: Moist and delicious gluten free / dairy free Banana Bread. Perfect for breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea, dessert, any ocassion.

Chiffon Cake: A chiffon cake is a very light, fluffy cake that simply melts in your mouth. It's beautiful fluffy texture is achieved by aerating the eggs.

DAIRY FREE Stand Alone Cakes:

Banana Bread & Chiffon Cake.